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Dainamic is a startup working to bring the application of artificial intelligence to banking data. I used Chart.js to present the data, which is pulled from a PostgreSQL database with Next.js APIs. The site is styled using Tailwind CSS. The project is behind a login and I can't disclose further details due to its proprietary nature.

Forrest Dickison Fine Art

Forrest is a local painter (and one of my sons) who does really great work. He needed an e-commerce site. Rather than try to fight the Big E-Commerce behemoth and its proprietary systems I build a custom site using Next.js, Sanity.io, and Stripe. The site uses Tailwind CSS and is deployed to Fly.io. This is also a work in progress.

C.M. Miller - Content Writer

Curtis was finishing his MFA at New St. Andrews College and needed a portfolio. Josiah Nance of Horrible Design did the, well, design, and I built it. This project was a real challenge and a lot of fun, requiring a deep dive into vanilla CSS. It uses Sanity.io for content management, which is a delight to work with both for me and for Curtis. The site is deployed to Vercel.

Collegium Musicum Moscow

Collegium Musicum Moscow is a non-profit organization "which exists to promote high-level music making and musical literacy in Moscow, Idaho and the surrounding communities. Collegium seeks to unite singers, instrumentalists, and dancers around musical excellence to the Glory of God." The site uses Tailwind CSS and is deployed to Netlify This is a work in progress.


Red Balloon was using a third-party service to manage job postings, but wanted a custom user experience for signing up. I worked with the Red Balloon design and tech guys to create a fun theme in keeping with Red Balloon's light-hearted approach to a real need in the job market. This was a very jQuery-heavy project.